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Tint Shop Kakaako is a top-notch tint shop, and we can enhance your car with car window tinting and other services. A window tint will protect your car’s interior from sun damage and keep your car cooler. We’re tinting experts and can offer smooth, long-lasting tints for your windows. 

We’re passionate about protecting your vehicles with high-quality seals and sprays. Ceramic coating adds a powerful, long-lasting layer of protection to your car or truck’s paint job. It protects your car from UV rays, chemicals, and more. It also adds a glossy finish and makes your car easier to clean!

We also offer truck lining installation. Whether you rely on your truck for work or use it for your hobbies, truck bed lining will keep your vehicle in better condition. We can install a lining or spray one on, and the results will prevent your truck from getting dented or otherwise damaged. Lava lining is one of our top options, and it looks great and makes your vehicle more durable.


We offer honest, reliable car services. Contact us today for an appointment at our shop in Honolulu, HI!

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Car Window Tinting 

Car window tinting keeps your car cool and protects you and your interior from harmful UV rays. 

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a glossy, long-lasting way to protect your paint job.

Truck Lining

A truck lining will guard your truck bed against damage from cargo or exposure to the elements.

Residential & Business Tinting

Take advantage of our high-quality residential & business tinting services.



I needed my car window tint to be taken off and they were so helpful and quick to respond. I will definitely be coming back and had such an easy and awesome experience.

I went back to Tint shop Hawaii for my lava lining. Awesome work! I wasn't expecting the dents to be pounded out, and the overall job was fantastic! There were other customers waiting to get their tint work so I expected the wait to be longer. I love my truck so money well spent. Thanks again and aloha!

I had my Honda Ridgeline grill ,emblems and bumper strip blacked out, Good job at a reasonable price.

Best service ever! Guy who did my tint was so friendly and quick! I had tint that was too dark to pass a safety check and he handled everything for me from start to finish for me to pass the safety check. Go here for fast and friendly service. Thank you again for the help and am super grateful. I appreciate it a lot.

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