Car Window Tinting

Tint Shop Kakaako specializes in car window tinting. A quality auto tint will keep the sun out, protect your car interior, and make your car cooler even on the sunniest days. In Honolulu, tinting makes driving a lot more comfortable!


We’re experts on applying car tints. We ensure that the film goes on neatly, with no bubbling or sticky residue. Poorly-applied film can damage your windows or cause blurriness, so it’s important to hire a professional to handle all your car tinting needs.

Our ceramic tint is a popular option. It’s generally more durable than traditional tints and doesn’t fade as quickly. It’s scratch-resistant and can block 99% of UV rays. Whatever you choose, our team will give you flawless tints for your car windows! Get in touch for an appointment in the Honolulu, HI area!