Lava Lining

If you rely on your truck for work or hobbies, it’s a good idea to invest in a top-notch truck lining. Tint Shop Kakaako offers several spray-on lining options. A bed lining will protect your truck bed from moisture, UV damage, and anything else that can cause it to deteriorate. Our Lava Lining spray lining is popular, and it’s a long-lasting investment. 


Tint Shop Kakaako offers high-quality lava lining for truck beds. We understand how important it is to protect your truck bed against the elements so you can use it for work and hobbies for years to come. That’s why we provide the latest spray-on lining options. 

Bed lining protects your truck from dents and scratches. You can rely on lava lining to prevent damage to your truck bed. If your lining gets scratched or eroded, you can simply repair it. We can even spray your whole truck with this ultimate liner to cut down on maintenance and give your vehicle a rugged look. 

We also offer liners that need to be installed using heat instead of sprayed on, such as Rhino lining. Line-X  provides cushioning for your truck bed, making it easier on the cargo you carry.

We can install truck linings of all kinds. Call today for more information on our tint shop in Honolulu, HI!

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